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Our Approach

Our approach is simple: it’s all about you! We genuinely care about our clients and demonstrate this through our levels of passion, energy, integrity, and trust. We put great emphasis on strong relationships, continuous personalized service and exceptional accessibility.

Through our highly personalized approach, we can help you answer financial planning questions such as:

  • Will I have enough money to retire? How much is “enough”?
  • My spouse managed the majority of our finances and has now passed on. Where do I start in putting all the pieces back together?
  • As a young couple, we are thinking of starting a family in a few years. Should we start planning for college?
  • How can financial planning technology enhance my investing experience?
  • What insurance needs does my family have?
  • I worked with an advisor in the past and they just wanted to sell me products. How are you different?

When we approach our client’s futures, we like to have them imagine a blank calendar. If money, time, or resources weren’t obstacles, what would you do with this time? If you could dictate how you lived the next year of your life, what would take priority? Questions like these often jumpstart our clients’ dreams for the future and as a result, we craft strategies around these goals.

Integrity and accountability are foundational values at our firm and we strive to provide you a greater sense of purpose in your life and career. Contact us today to experience the KHP difference.