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It's All About You

Prospective clients frequently decide that they appreciate the services that KHP Capital can provide, but are sometimes uncertain whether they fit our typical client profile. While we do not have strict guidelines, the clients who enjoy their relationship with the advisors at KHP Capital the most tend to have the following characteristics:

  • An appreciation for and desire to find a “Personal CFO” Many of our clients are busy professionals who have limited time to manage their finances. These individuals appreciate our ability to think holistically and to collaborate with tax and estate attorneys, CPAs, actuaries, mortgage underwriters, and other professionals to provide the best results possible with little time or worry for them.
  • A hope for a long-term partnership – Like constructing a building that will last for many years, a sound investment and wealth transfer strategy requires time to create and to realize the objectives. At their best, relationships with advisors at KHP Capital span several generations.
  • A desire to achieve and maintain financial independence – Whether they come to us with substantial assets, are expecting a cash inflow from the sale of an asset or from a financial settlement, or are an aspiring professional looking to get on the "right track" early, the clients who most appreciate our assistance are ones who take their financial matters seriously.
  • An interest in "leaving something behind" – Our most satisfied clients think about not only having assets sufficient enough to last for their lifetime, but also giving money to improve the quality of life for those around them, whether by giving money to children, by helping to pay for their grandchildren's education, by supporting a favorite charity, or by creating a family foundation.

We encourage you to reach out and speak with us about your individual circumstances. We will be pleased to answer your questions and to offer our unique perspective. In fact, we believe that the more we learn about each other, the more educational and refreshing you will find our approach to financial management to be.