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About KHP Capital

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.”

Henry David Thoreau

When Louise Hamilton Short first decided to become a financial advisor in 1987, she did not expect to build a large-scale investment business. She saw it as a way to use her passion for economics and history to help friends and colleagues learn more about equity investing and to help them to achieve their goals by making sound financial choices for themselves and their families. In 2007, Ryan Kruger, CFA, joined the team and we grew our network of competent professionals even more.

Today, nearly thirty years after our founding, KHP Capital’s client base, assets under management, and financial expertise have grown into an expansive investment practice. In an effort to provide our current and future clients with the best possible level of service, as well as to share our passion for and knowledge of financial consulting and management with others, we continue to expand our team.

Discerning individuals and businesses seeking financial service choose KHP Capital because of our commitment to client goals, our high-quality service, and our enthusiastic and collaborative approach to financial consulting and management.